Download Uber app

Uber is a new way to travel for pleasure or work. The fastest and most reliable app to find your means of transportation in a few minutes in some cities where this service operates. It offers you private drivers in more than 50 countries. Download Uber app and you will be picked up quickly. It is safe, fast and reliable.

Your service will be available instantly, it means that you will not need reservations or wait your turn to get a taxi. Establish your pick-up point on the map, connect with your personal driver and then sit down to enjoy, comfortably and relax your trip wherever you want. You can pay in cash or by using a credit card and everything will be solved with just typing from your mobile.

Download Uber app and start living the experience from the place where you are. Uber is present and available in many cities in the world, just look for the app the city where you are, the destination you choose, the airport, the theater, the mall, you just request the service and have your transportation available.

How to use Uber app

It’s very simple from your cell phone:

  • Open the app and you will find a bar that asks: Where are you going?
  • Click on the bar and you will see different choices selected by you such as your place of work, home address or any of your preferences.
  • The driver will locate you because of the location that the app provides from where you are.
  • You will receive some information that will show you the driver’s picture and vehicle characteristics.
  • You choose the payment method, you can pay by using a credit card, Android Pay, PayPal, in cash in some cities.
  • At the end of the tour, they will thank you for sending them your opinion regarding the quality of the service. You will receive a receipt or receipt by email.

Where can you download Uber app?

The Uber app is available to download both for Windows and for some other different platforms such as Android, iPhone, Windows Phones, even Blackberry. You can take advantage of your Uber download in these different ways:

UberPOOL is used to travel with other people who go in the same direction and its price is a lower rate, but it is only available in some cities.

UberX offers you an individual and cheaper option.

UberBlack offers you a higher experience which allows you to take a luxury vehicle for special moments or high-level work.

The Uber app is available in several countries. In Latin America, they have installed in Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela and Chile and the demand for downloads continues to increase.

What advantages do Uber’s users have when downloading Uber app?

We can mention at least 3 advantages why users are inclined to download the Uber app.

  1. Good service and availability. UberX allows interaction between users and driver who can access the same vehicle sharing expenses with other customers on the same route.
  2. Real rates. Users pay only according to the route they have taken.
  3. UberX. Customers have a vehicle they like and will be taken wherever they wish.

How to Register in Uber

Registering at Uber is the opportunity to have a service which provides you with great advantages. A way to move around the city when you need it the most. Uber is that friend who offers you a hand in winter or summer.

We will show you how to register in Uber. It is very simple. We will teach you how to do it step by step. It will allow you to create your own account and you will see how easy it is to have the services in Uber.

What do you need to register in Uber?

You must have at least three essential things:

  • A smartphone so you can download the Uber app. Also, you may use a computer which you can use to access the Uber web portal.
  • An active and personal telephone number.
  • An email account.

We will start by downloading the Uber app which is available for different platforms such as Windows, Google Play for Android and App Store if you use iPhone, the download will be for free and free of viruses completely.

Registering in Uber from your computer or mobile is very simple. You will start by providing your personal information, such as names, surnames, email, and phone number. Make sure you do not use more information than your own, so you will avoid some problems or setbacks.

The Uber app will request you a password, it will ask you your preferred language and your cell phone number since Uber will send you a four-digit code to verify your data.

Method of payment. Uber provides you a private service, although the download of this app is for free. All travel or transportation service that you require through Uber will have a cost, Uber will inform you and you will agree to click «Accept».

You will have to add your credit card information in your registry, so you will make your payments in a comfortable, safe and reliable way. In some cities, the debit card payment method or PayPal is accepted, even cash but doing prior consultation. The application does not accept prepaid cards.

Uber driver registration

If you are looking for a way to earn good money, Uber offers you the best opportunity to be part of the select group of associated drivers. You will have the chance of managing your own schedule, your own business.

You will be able to have a lot of customers when providing your services. Do not forget that you can count on the recommendation of your clients who will rate you for each trip until you can be highly recommended.

How to register in Uber is very easy. You can register at You will download the driver’s application. You will provide your personal data related to:

  • Your driving license
  • Characteristics of the vehicle you will drive with Uber.
  • Vehicle Registration.
  • Vehicle insurance and type of coverage.
  • Documents and additional information for the selection of drivers.

The approval of the registration as a driver will give you full access to the app, this will allow you to connect and receive service requests to earn a lot of money.

How does Uber work?

Uber works as an app created to serve as a link between transport users and drivers partners of the Uber app.

You can download the app from your smart cell phone or from your computer. Once you have completed the corresponding registration, you can use Uber to move around within the city.

What to do to use Uber

To use Uber, you must follow four important steps:

  1. 1. Download the app using your Smartphone for Android through Google Play or Apple iOS.
  2. Register your personal data. Provide your full name and phone number. You will be asked to add a password.
  3. Add your email data. Through this, you can receive an invoice or receipt at the end of the trip that expresses the cost of it, review the driver’s picture and vehicle characteristics, plus five stars to qualify how the quality of the service was.
  4. Register your credit card. You will choose the payment method of your preference. It is usually needed a credit card. But in some countries, this app works with a debit card, PayPal and even cash.

Choose your destination with Uber

When Uber app is activated, choose the place where you want to start your trip. Usually, your location is reflected on the map, however, you must specify if you are in a different place than usual as your address.

You will be provided with the name of the driver, a photo of you and one of the vehicle so you can recognize it. This will ensure to receive an associated Uber driver.

Through the app, you will know the estimated cost of the trip and the duration of it, since it searches in a digital map which provides alternative ways that you can consult and agree with the driver.

If you decide to accept the estimated cost provided by the application system, Uber interacts with the associated drivers who are closest to the point where you are and will send whoever agrees to carry out the service. When you arrive at your destination, the passenger will receive confirmation of the cost of the trip he has made. It will be paid automatically with the form or form of payment set by the user in the account register.

Services that work with Uber

Uber has some basic services such as:

UberX has a model of a standard passenger vehicle, for example, a Honda Civic with capacity for four passengers.

UberXL has larger vehicle models such as Mitsubishi Montero 2014 for six passengers.

Uber Select is an executive service where drivers are associated with vehicles such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, including Audi.

Each trip has a price or fee according to the distance. It may differ from the type of category service you choose.

You already know how Uber works. Take advantage of this app and start using it in your next trips in and out of the city. Enjoy the maximum security, comfort, and quality offered by the Uber app.

How to use Uber

If your friends are already enjoying the benefits of using Uber, they will have recommended you to do the same.

Dare to try this new experience with the Uber app, do not be afraid of using it, you will see that it is quite easy to use as any other app on your phone.

Here, we will explain to you step by step how to use Uber so that you start taking advantage of it and move around the city.

Before starting, you must have downloaded the Uber app on your Smartphone, so you can follow the instructions that we will give you to start using Uber.

 Steps you must follow

  1. When entering from your Smartphone to the Uber app, you will see the map of the city, this will show you the point of your location. You will be asked to create an account.
  2. Set your personal information; first and last names, phone number, add an email address and of course a password for your profile.
  3. You can link your account with a social network. When you finish, Uber will send you a message to verify your cell phone number and four (4) digits for you to enter in the app.
  4. Learn how to call Uber. In the upper side of the app, you will find a search space with the words: Where are you going? Make sure you write the address of your destination so that the request is processed.
  5. Departure. If you are in another direction, you must necessarily modify your starting point in order to be located with the GPS from your cell phone.
  6. To confirm your trip. A driving partner who is near your location will accept to make your trip. On your screen, you will see the estimated time of your arrival and the estimated fare of your trip. Select the payment method and continue.

Benefits of using Uber

Many users are registered in the Uber application as drivers, you will have great mutual benefits since you can know your profile information such as full name, characteristics of the vehicle and how it has been rated by other Uber users.

The driving partners are also part of the city, that makes them your best allies when it comes to saving time to arrive in a more direct way to your destination. They can also suggest some places of interest for the many things you have to do or where to go

Rate the service provided by the driver, review the conditions which your vehicle is, thank the driver for his good will to provide a quality service to cover your needs, this will allow you to do even more.

Now that you know how to use Uber app, you can feel free to make and schedule other activities such as trips or perhaps sharing with other users who travel on the same route and also share the expenses.

Uber wants you to have a great experience using this app, always take it with you, and do not forget to recommend it to other friends who can enjoy the best benefits of touring the city with this nice alternative.

Browse our Uber website and explore how to get more out of this app.

What is Uber?

Uber is an app with a technological platform which can be downloaded and used from your computer or your personal mobile. It was created for users who need some transportation and drivers who offer this service efficiently to take them to their destination in the city or wherever they go, safely, promptly, comfortably.

What is offered by Uber?

  • Uber offers a technology applied for free. You can download Uber app on your mobile or computer and you will have the connection with partner drivers that will provide you with the transportation service throughout the city in a reliable way.
  • Uber offers professional transport drivers more opportunities to earn money through the use of the Uber app, they can connect with users who need to move around the city for business, pleasure or others.

The Uber app makes it easy for you to get transportation service, reduces the need to use your own car, saving fuel, congestion in big cities.

How to use Uber

To enjoy Uber, you just have to complete the following steps:

  • Download the Uber app on your Smartphone, you will find it for free and available on Google Play, Windows Phones and App Store.
  • Add the personal data requested for your registration which includes the data of your credit card, so all trips are charged directly to your credit card, this will give you more comfort and security.
  • Make sure you to keep active your location on your Smartphone, this will make the driver find you quickly.

Ready! Now you can enjoy the best app that offers transportation service inside and outside the city safely and comfortably.

 Main advantages of using Uber

It is safe. The use of the Uber app registers both the user requesting the service and the driver. The data of both are saved.

The trip is monitored. With this app you can follow the location where the vehicle comes from, its possible delays, in addition, it shows the vehicle characteristics that allow you to recognize it when it arrives.

Payment by credit card. Avoid the problems due to lack of cash, you can pay with a credit card or other payment system which is associated with your account.

Comfortable vehicle. The vehicles available by the associated drivers have less than 10 years of being used, so they offer you the best comfort.

Rate them yourself. Users can evaluate both the treatment and the quality of the provided service. They can rate the driver and their vehicles, drivers can also qualify the users.

Overviews about Uber

What is Uber? We have said that Uber is a technological app that is able of supplying help, improving the transportation service for partner users and partner drivers that use this app. Therefore, it is important to say that Uber does not employ people or own vehicles as a company. It only offers a technological platform that allows a win-win relationship between drivers who can increase their incomes, as well as users who find reliable drivers to travel safely and comfortably.