How does Uber work?

Uber works as an app created to serve as a link between transport users and drivers partners of the Uber app.

You can download the app from your smart cell phone or from your computer. Once you have completed the corresponding registration, you can use Uber to move around within the city.

What to do to use Uber

To use Uber, you must follow four important steps:

  1. 1. Download the app using your Smartphone for Android through Google Play or Apple iOS.
  2. Register your personal data. Provide your full name and phone number. You will be asked to add a password.
  3. Add your email data. Through this, you can receive an invoice or receipt at the end of the trip that expresses the cost of it, review the driver’s picture and vehicle characteristics, plus five stars to qualify how the quality of the service was.
  4. Register your credit card. You will choose the payment method of your preference. It is usually needed a credit card. But in some countries, this app works with a debit card, PayPal and even cash.

Choose your destination with Uber

When Uber app is activated, choose the place where you want to start your trip. Usually, your location is reflected on the map, however, you must specify if you are in a different place than usual as your address.

You will be provided with the name of the driver, a photo of you and one of the vehicle so you can recognize it. This will ensure to receive an associated Uber driver.

Through the app, you will know the estimated cost of the trip and the duration of it, since it searches in a digital map which provides alternative ways that you can consult and agree with the driver.

If you decide to accept the estimated cost provided by the application system, Uber interacts with the associated drivers who are closest to the point where you are and will send whoever agrees to carry out the service. When you arrive at your destination, the passenger will receive confirmation of the cost of the trip he has made. It will be paid automatically with the form or form of payment set by the user in the account register.

Services that work with Uber

Uber has some basic services such as:

UberX has a model of a standard passenger vehicle, for example, a Honda Civic with capacity for four passengers.

UberXL has larger vehicle models such as Mitsubishi Montero 2014 for six passengers.

Uber Select is an executive service where drivers are associated with vehicles such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, including Audi.

Each trip has a price or fee according to the distance. It may differ from the type of category service you choose.

You already know how Uber works. Take advantage of this app and start using it in your next trips in and out of the city. Enjoy the maximum security, comfort, and quality offered by the Uber app.