What is Uber?

Uber is an app with a technological platform which can be downloaded and used from your computer or your personal mobile. It was created for users who need some transportation and drivers who offer this service efficiently to take them to their destination in the city or wherever they go, safely, promptly, comfortably.

What is offered by Uber?

  • Uber offers a technology applied for free. You can download Uber app on your mobile or computer and you will have the connection with partner drivers that will provide you with the transportation service throughout the city in a reliable way.
  • Uber offers professional transport drivers more opportunities to earn money through the use of the Uber app, they can connect with users who need to move around the city for business, pleasure or others.

The Uber app makes it easy for you to get transportation service, reduces the need to use your own car, saving fuel, congestion in big cities.

How to use Uber

To enjoy Uber, you just have to complete the following steps:

  • Download the Uber app on your Smartphone, you will find it for free and available on Google Play, Windows Phones and App Store.
  • Add the personal data requested for your registration which includes the data of your credit card, so all trips are charged directly to your credit card, this will give you more comfort and security.
  • Make sure you to keep active your location on your Smartphone, this will make the driver find you quickly.

Ready! Now you can enjoy the best app that offers transportation service inside and outside the city safely and comfortably.

 Main advantages of using Uber

It is safe. The use of the Uber app registers both the user requesting the service and the driver. The data of both are saved.

The trip is monitored. With this app you can follow the location where the vehicle comes from, its possible delays, in addition, it shows the vehicle characteristics that allow you to recognize it when it arrives.

Payment by credit card. Avoid the problems due to lack of cash, you can pay with a credit card or other payment system which is associated with your account.

Comfortable vehicle. The vehicles available by the associated drivers have less than 10 years of being used, so they offer you the best comfort.

Rate them yourself. Users can evaluate both the treatment and the quality of the provided service. They can rate the driver and their vehicles, drivers can also qualify the users.

Overviews about Uber

What is Uber? We have said that Uber is a technological app that is able of supplying help, improving the transportation service for partner users and partner drivers that use this app. Therefore, it is important to say that Uber does not employ people or own vehicles as a company. It only offers a technological platform that allows a win-win relationship between drivers who can increase their incomes, as well as users who find reliable drivers to travel safely and comfortably.