How to use Uber

If your friends are already enjoying the benefits of using Uber, they will have recommended you to do the same.

Dare to try this new experience with the Uber app, do not be afraid of using it, you will see that it is quite easy to use as any other app on your phone.

Here, we will explain to you step by step how to use Uber so that you start taking advantage of it and move around the city.

Before starting, you must have downloaded the Uber app on your Smartphone, so you can follow the instructions that we will give you to start using Uber.

 Steps you must follow

  1. When entering from your Smartphone to the Uber app, you will see the map of the city, this will show you the point of your location. You will be asked to create an account.
  2. Set your personal information; first and last names, phone number, add an email address and of course a password for your profile.
  3. You can link your account with a social network. When you finish, Uber will send you a message to verify your cell phone number and four (4) digits for you to enter in the app.
  4. Learn how to call Uber. In the upper side of the app, you will find a search space with the words: Where are you going? Make sure you write the address of your destination so that the request is processed.
  5. Departure. If you are in another direction, you must necessarily modify your starting point in order to be located with the GPS from your cell phone.
  6. To confirm your trip. A driving partner who is near your location will accept to make your trip. On your screen, you will see the estimated time of your arrival and the estimated fare of your trip. Select the payment method and continue.

Benefits of using Uber

Many users are registered in the Uber application as drivers, you will have great mutual benefits since you can know your profile information such as full name, characteristics of the vehicle and how it has been rated by other Uber users.

The driving partners are also part of the city, that makes them your best allies when it comes to saving time to arrive in a more direct way to your destination. They can also suggest some places of interest for the many things you have to do or where to go

Rate the service provided by the driver, review the conditions which your vehicle is, thank the driver for his good will to provide a quality service to cover your needs, this will allow you to do even more.

Now that you know how to use Uber app, you can feel free to make and schedule other activities such as trips or perhaps sharing with other users who travel on the same route and also share the expenses.

Uber wants you to have a great experience using this app, always take it with you, and do not forget to recommend it to other friends who can enjoy the best benefits of touring the city with this nice alternative.

Browse our Uber website and explore how to get more out of this app.

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